Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions form a legally binding contract between you and us, By using the service, you agree to be bound by these terms, as well as the BANGKOK SAMURAI CO., LTD Terms & Conditions and any relevant additional with the service use of a rental service data communication equipment Including accessories (hereinafter referred to as ‘ communication equipment’) from service provider (hereinafter referred to as ‘ service provider’) by BANGKOK SAMURAI CO., LTD. as a service provider.

Privacy Policy
  – The company adheres to the guidelines from Personal data protection law to properly manage users’ personal information with the careful of the good faith caretaker.
– The service provided will be accordance with the objectives set forth by the personal data management regulations and not be used for purposes other than those specified.

Changes to these terms
We reserve the right, in our discretion, to modify these terms (including any relevant additional terms) from time to time. We will notify you of modified terms or policies by using reasonable means to notify you. Your continued use of the service after such notice will constitute your agreement to the modified terms, which will apply to your ongoing use of the service. So please review the posted terms, policies and any relevant additional terms each time you use the service.

Changes to these services
The company can change the service fees or other related service content. Which does not require consent from the user. We will notify you of modified terms or policies by using reasonable means to notify you. Your continued use of the service after such notice will constitute your agreement to the modified terms, which will apply to your ongoing use of the service. So please review the posted terms, policies and any relevant additional terms each time you use the service.

– These Terms and Conditions will apply to all Orders and Contracts made or to be made by The Company for the sale and supply of products.
– These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and The Company so the Terms and Conditions will be effective if in writing and signed by an authorized signatory of The Company.
– These Terms and Conditions are not subject to any terms and conditions that you have established and have not been agreed by The Company in writing, including any condition that you have drafted and/or proposed or any other indication of such in any form including but not limited to written document, email, or verbal communication.

The notification of the company will be as specified by the company and the company reserves the right change the conditions, at any time without prior notice.

Rental Period
  – The service charge will start from the date of departure from the country. Up to the day of traveling back to the country but in the case that, when the day of the return is due and will not return the products on the specified date there will be fines for late-nights.
– In case of wanting to extend the usage period must inform the staff of Bangkok Samurai Co., Ltd in order to charge an additional extension fee.

Application Process
  – Customers understand and accept terms and conditions of use via application, or online by filling in all required information as required by the company.
– Rental communications equipment the company will determine which device will be before releasing for rent.

Transfer of rights
The customer cannot transfer of rights to another person.

Chang applicant information
In the case of changing the applicant’s information must inform the company.

Device Delivery
– Delivery before the date of departure. To the place that the customer specified.
– Pick up at the airport counter as determined by the company.
– Get the company’s office. Or related to foreign companies.
– Pick up at overseas counters designated by the company.
– Ship products internationally to the place specified by the applicant.

Order Cancellation
  The customer wants to cancel the order must notify the company immediately and must pay the penalty as specified by the company. If canceled 72 hours before departure you will not be charged for cancellation. If wanting to cancel after the company has delivered the device to the customer and then customers must return the device to the company within 3 days after receiving the device.

Returning device
  Customers return the device to the company. After the rental period has ended with the methods specified in the application process within the time specified by the company by shipping, postal, or return service by yourself.

Service Charge
  – In the event that payment is not made within the time specified by the company Will be charged interest at a rate of 14.5% per annum.
– Fees are subject to change without notice. In the event that it is found that has used the services of the same type of conducting businesses as the company. The customer will be charged a separate fee In addition to the normal service fee by calculating the amount used.

  Payment method can pay via credit card, debit card, cash or other methods as specified by the company and may be a collection of guarantees or guarantees by credit cards including in service payment need to comply with regulations as stipulated by financial institutions.

Termination of The Agreement
  The company can immediately cancel this agreement. If found that the customer does any of the following. – Likely to not pay
– Illegal ways that getting used
– When the company deems it necessary to cancel
– In case of cancellation, the customer is responsible for any damage to the company.

Device care
  – Customers must maintain the device. And do not do the following
– Do not transfer ownership, resell, disassemble, modify, damage, discard, lose and do dirty
– Do not use in a fraudulent way other than this contract.
– Do not break the law in telecommunications.

Damage, loss
  – Customers are responsible when using and follow the instructions for use by the company.
– In the event that the device is lost or stolen the customer must contact the company to immediately notify. In the meantime, if usage occurs he customers must pay for the service fees incurred.

  Insurance is the insurance against damage to the device. In the event that the customer makes the device damaged, lost, stolen during use. The warranty is effective only for customers who apply for insurance.

Buy a device
Customers cannot buy the device.

In using the service the customers must not do the following
– Use the services of the company for copyright infringement, trademark rights
– Act in violation of this agreement
– Act in violation of the telecommunications laws or laws to prevent mobile phone use
– Installed, modified, disassembled resulting in damage to the borrowed device
– Transfer of ownership to a third party or mortgage it, resulting in the company losing the right to possession

Restrictions and fair use
In the event that the customer has too many uses May be suspended or signal restricted. According to the policy of each area and use for video streaming, online gaming, VOIP, FTP, or enabling high volume communication may also cause signal limitations. In case of being suspended or signal restricted The Company cannot refund the money. The customers may be charged an additional fee. From use that exceeds standards.

  -If the customer uses the device with the device other than the company recommended may be charged international data roaming charges from a communications service company. -In the event that the machine has problems in use and customers do not contact the company during use. The company is not responsible in any way. -In the event that the device has a problem of operation is a mistake caused by the company The Company will waive service fees to compensate.

In the case of the causing damage to the company so customers must compensate for damage to the company but in case of causing damage to a third party Customers are responsible for the cost of resolving the problem themselves.

Modification of terms and conditions of use
Reserve the right to change conditions, there is no need for prior report.